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We participated in Cappadocia tours and private plane ride with approximately 1 hour after the Turkish Airlines we have Newseh airport. The hostesses were very courteous and polite. We went to special cave hotel in Urgup with private airport transfers. Cave hotel had a very large spacious room and the cave hotel with warm summers and cool winter had a natural ventilation system. We attended the first tour we met our guide and private tours. Our tour guide told us very detailed information about the history of the formation of cappadocia. Many civilizations have lived here. Christianity has spread throughout Europe after spreading here. Cappadocia region, and a region that is very charming and beautiful place protected by UNESCO. Cappadocia cool Hasan Mountain formation is formed by the evaporation effect of rain and wind. Finally we went to Pigeon valley and we watched the flight of birds here and here especially pigeon.

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The tour we went to the Middle fortress town before with our guide and this house, which is composed of the classical Ottoman architecture in which yappıl two-storey bay windows and orchards. We went end of cappadocia highest hill forts and here and had a very nice view of cappadocia. We went Devrent and Pasabag valley. We went to the Zelve open air museum tours and here we joined the balloon. We went to 250 meters in height and had a very nice view of cappadocia. many balloons were flying in the sky. They made balloon flight certificate and champagne celebration. If we went to Goreme open air museum, and here and there were many fairy chimneys and cave people lived here. Reserved cave we went to church and the place is decorated with pictures of Jesus and Mary and Mozika are. Then we went to the underground city, which is 5-7 floors and 5,000 people to seek refuge where they used to hide from Roman soldiers and move here and they just continue their lives with bread water and wine.

Ephesus tours , private ephesus tours

Edirne to Istanbul Daily City Tours around the city, we went to a very nice highway ride of 2.5 hours later we arrived at the city of Edirne. A cultural and historical city of Edirne city. Ottoman Empire has been the capital city of Edirne Selimiye Mosque special city from every corner of the city seems. With magnificent architecture and was built by Mimar Sinan 7 years. Selimiye Mosque, masterpiece of Sinan ‘s also a very special structure. Son of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent was built by floods. in beautiful blue Iznik ceramics decorated with red calligraphy manuscripts are very nice. 4 very thin minarets and domes are very large.

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And in the city of Edirne has maritza maritza on there are many restaurants and tea gardens Maritsa river stone bridge over the ottoman are made ​​on-time. Specific to the city of Edirne pan raw kebab is made. Edirne has a caravanserai and this time.This boutique hotel serving. Edirne bay two-storey house in the center of the old city houses are made ​​of. Turkish delight sweets made ​​of almond candies and many candies are sold here. We went to the bazaar between Edirne and here the works of Turkish handicrafts and souvenir shops are.

Cappadocia Tours in Turkey

We participated in Cappadocia tours and 1 hour after the plane ride we arrived in Nevsehir airport. Private airport transfers special cave hotel in Urgup and went. Cave B yazlasr cool winter and hot in the natural system had havalansır. First Middle fortress, navigating to the town which is very nice here and all ate breakfast with organic and natural. Zelve went to the open-air museum, where many balloons were flying in the sky and from the ground up to an altitude of 250 meters, and from there we had a very nice view of cappadocia, balloon tours were celebrating with champagne after. Our tour guide told us that the formation of cappadocia, cappadocia Hasan Mountain after the lava cooled and formed by the action of wind and rain.

Cappadocia Pigeon Valley went first, and here especially lots of birds including pigeon flight we watched. After the spread of Christianity in Anatolia has spread to the European continent. Hidden cave church we went and the people here are religious worship, the church of Jesus and Mary on the walls are decorated with pictures and mozik. We went to the Goreme open air museum and the place had lots of fairy chimneys and cave and the people who lived here. Who went to the town of Avanos and iSNS land here has been very nice plate of mud and tile works of Turkish handicrafts and souvenir shops are. Especially made ​​of leather men and women had shops selling clothes. Neglect went to the middle of the river valley and the river flowing nature harilka on both sides of the cave is located. Pole and borehole underground cities and people have to be stored and used for shelter.

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Best Istanbul Tours and Travel

We attended private tours in Istanbul and went first Topkapi palace. Our tour guide told us very detailed information about Istanbul. Istanbul has experienced many civilizations. Ottoman empire was the capital of Edirne. Sultan Mehmet Istanbul and Istanbul has been the capital of the Ottoman conquest state. made the first sultan Mehmet Topkapi palace, which has increased the number of pavilions and kiosks Baghdad time. Hagia Sophia Topkapi palace is a garden dating back to the beach starts right side. A wide variety of flowers are adorned with trees there. Topkapi palace in Istanbul Blue Mosque is the opposite we have reached here after a 5 minute walk. First, there are very beautiful stonework made the main entrance door. Then the right hand side and the personal belongings of Prophet Mohammed founded the Qur’anic manuscripts are on display here. There are many great ones right next to the kitchen and here are the blue and green Chinese porcelains. Received training school for intelligent children of the Ottoman has Enderun. There were also 12 Vizier of Sultan Hasan room and with empire management center. Sultan clothes and personal belongings are here. The treasure trove of the empire oamnl are exhibited here. Finally we went to the Harem and the Sultan are family here and the section where women live.

Then our journey in the Grand Bazaar in Beyazit square we went. This is particularly the men and women selling jewelry made of gold and precious stones
jewelers. There are works of Turkish handicrafts and souvenir shops. Hand-woven carpets and rugs are sold here. A variety of colors and patterns in men and women clothing which are made of leather shops selling model. Ipekt made of pure men and women clothing and accessories are sold here. Then who is the oldest building of the Istanbul made in time we went to Konstantin Hipporo. Hippodrome galadyat war horse racing and the Olympics held here, and here is used as the arena. Finally brought 2 obelisk and the Serpentine Shot from Egypt. Finally, as the German emperor was built by the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid taking fountain gift. Finally, the milk is surrounded by huge walls around istanbul mehmet time.

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